iGuide 360 Virtual Tours

Why iGuide?

What is iGuide?

iGuide is an immersive 3D tour platform that Real Estate professionals and beyond can use to show off a space for potential clients, buyers, users or renters. 

iGuide also hosts all media from a single web link, so your photos, videos and other media content can be see on the MLS or directly on your social media campaigns and email blasts.

Get potential buyers in the home, anytime, day or night. The more time potential buyers spend in a home, the more likely they are to commit to buying it. Give them the chance to let them pull it up at midnight and walk through the house on their own accord.

Floor Plans help buyers get a strong feel for the layout of the house

Sight-unseen - Give those buyers who are buying without stepping foot in the home a better chance to be happy with their decision.

Professional Photography: Pair the iGuide 360 Virtual Tour with professional photography that can be hosted together with the iGuide tour. 

Cinematic Video Tours: In addition to hosting photos within the tour, a video can be hosted as well. Use that opportunity to showcase some elements of the house

Property Details: Room measurements, square footage calculations, home details, acreage, etc can all be shown in 1 spot to your potential buyers.

Neighborhoood Information: Google Maps automatically provides the map and neighborhood information for every tour.

iGuide Floor Plans

Giving potential buyers a top-of-the-line floor plan that accurately represents the home adds tremendous value to a listing. Every iGuide Virtual Tour comes standard with superior-quality floor plans that drive engagement. Our floor plans includes details such as door swings, appliances, fixtures and more. Beyond that, floor plans can be customized to one of several different color combinations that best suit your personal preference.